Wildlife Yoga and Digital Detox

Rainforest Ranger and Yoga Teacher, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

Was ist ein Descape?

Ein Descape ist ein Kurztrip in einen Traumjob deiner Wahl. Du möchtest mal eine kurze Auszeit vom Schreibtisch und würdest gerne mal was Neues ausprobieren? Oder du möchtest einfach mal testen, ob ein anderer Beruf vielleicht doch besser zu dir passt? Mit einem Descape kannst du genau das tun! Lass deinen Schreibtisch mal für ein paar Tage hinter dir und lass dich von der vielfältigen Welt der Berufe inspirieren.

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Markus Hoffmann
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  • Was dich in diesem Descape erwartet

    Get away from it all! Relax and free your mind of everyday burdens in the midst of our pristine rainforest reserve. No phone, no email, no social media. Daily Yoga classes by professional teachers, guided tours through the rainforest spotting all kinds of animals and bathing in natural waterfalls is all part of the plan.

    You decide how much you contribute to our rainforest conservation efforts by maintaing paths, the map and even re-introducing wild animals from a local animal rescue center.

    We guarantee you will learn about the rainforest as much as about yourself. Your mind will be cristal-clear when you leave Aiko :)

  • Welche Anforderungen musst du erfüllen?

    We have had happy visitors from 20 to 68 years old. The only requisite is that you should be able to walk half an hour at 30ºC and high humidity though rainforest terrain. This is a nature and outdoor experience, so you should be okay with very basic sleeping and bathing conditions.
    As we will be in the rainforest, all participants will function as a team and rely on each other.

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Markus Hoffmann

  • Mitglied seit

    28. September 2015

  • Mein Ort

    Costa Rica

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    • Deutsch
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Markus saved the land from logging 18 years ago during his studies in San Jose, Costa Rica, and since has been doing a lot of conservation work and countless projects with Aiko. It started with organic banana farming in the jungle, transitioned to banana vinegar and finally we’re now doing ecotourism.
He’s currently living in Galicia in Spain with his family.
Your host in Costa Rica will be Manu. He is our strongman on location in Costa Rica. He co-founded Aiko-logi-Tours 5 years ago and has built the base camp with all it‘s infrastructure with his bare hands.
He’s also a studied forest engineer and knows flora and fauna of the region like almost no other!

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